Tips to Rent a Wedding Dress

There is no doubt that your wedding dress will be one of the most expensive items in your wedding. In fact, you can save a fortune if you are going to rent the wedding gown. Renting a gown is also considered environmental friendly. However, renting a wedding gown is not the same as buying a new one because you have to return it after your wedding. In order to prevent unnecessary arguments with the bridal shop or the wedding dress shop, you should bear the following points in mind.

Place your order as early as possible

Since it will certainly take some time for the alterations of the gown in order to make it fit your body, you should place your order to rent it at least half year before your big day. You may need to place the order even earlier if you are going to do that in the peak seasons.

Check the gown carefully when you pick it

You have to check the wedding dress with the greatest care when you pick it. You need to check if there are dirt and damages on the gown. You will then drop down everything about the dirt and damages on the contract before signing it.

This is very important if money saving is the main reason for you to rent the gown. You will certainly rent an older gown with a lower price. However, there will usually be more dirt and damages on such a gown (since it is an older one). If you do not check all the problems of it carefully and drop notes about that, it can be sure that you will just be arguing with the people from the bridal shop when you return the gown.

Pick the wedding dress yourself

You should not ask others to pick the gown for you. This is because they cannot try the wedding dress for you when they pick it. You should spend the time to pick it yourself. If you find that the gown does not fit when you are trying it, you can ask for alterations right the way. You may not have enough time to bring the gown to the shop again for alternations if you are having others to pick it for you.

Pick the gown a few days before your wedding

You should pick your wedding dress at least a few days before your wedding. If you really find that the wedding dress does not fit, you can still allow the shop a few days to alter the dress for you. Of course you should not pick it too early either since you may become fatter or slimmer (it should be slimmer, I bet) after you pick the gown.

Ask about the penalties if the gown is damaged

You will also need to ask about the penalties if you damage the gown. The penalties will certainly be different for different shops. Dropping down all the penalties may be involved if the gown is damaged will be a crucial step. Otherwise it will just render unnecessary arguments.