Beach Wedding Favors & Centerpieces

Wedding is an important occasion of all of us lives. So we all want to make it a most memorable moment. Wedding ceremonies have started leaving the traditional churches, chapels and synagogues, and are heading to less conventional venues like some have simply moved outdoors to pastures and meadows, while for others a beach wedding ceremony is just their style. Beach weddings can be quite beautiful and memorable and so are their accessories, dresses, favors and centerpieces.

There are many arrangements in weddings like food arrangements, decorations, guest arrangements etc. Like wedding favors and centerpieces, they are an important part of a ceremony whether you want a good decoration or to give wedding favors to your guests. You may not be obligated to give out wedding favors but your guests may be offended if you decide not to do so to give wedding favors.

So we all want to give well and uncommon wedding favors to our guest which makes them feel special like, bottle stopper favors, bridal shower favors, Hawaiian wedding favors and coaster favors etc.

Use flowers native to the area you are getting married in and accent with floral decorations in your wedding colors. For this you can use centerpieces made of silk flowers, which requires no special care or labor and they give a beautiful and different look as well like personalized contemporary style glass vessel. You can put some colorful flowers in it or Put enough sand or pebbles to cover an inch high over the bottom of the bowl and then add a tall candle in any color matched with the theme like blue, sea foam, or white. Similarly you can take Small glass bowls centerpieces which can be filled with sand and then top them with an assortment of seashells or place a large flower in the center, beach candle centerpieces in which you can use it as a small- small aquariums. Pour some sea water in it and then you can add some small beautiful fishes, seashell placements etc. It can save your money also which can be wasted on fresh flowers. So like this you can use many wedding centerpieces, to make your wedding decorations beautiful and different.

Retro Wedding Favors

Weddings with a retro theme, that is any period after the Second World War, are becoming increasingly popular. But coming up with suitably retro wedding favors can be a tricky task. Ideally you will need to pick favors that match the era you have chosen, for instance, 1950s rock n roll or the swinging sixties and which will help set the mood for the rest of the day.

If you are busy planning a wedding with a retro theme in mind or if you just want some wedding favors with a retro feel, then here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Retro Candy: Choose candies from your childhood or from your chosen era if you can lay your hands on them. A favor of retro candy is a good way of getting your guests to reminisce of times past. Popular retro favorites are Bazooka gum, candy cigarettes, Bit’O’Honey, Necco mini rolls, Boston Baked Beans and possibly most retro of all, Pez (plus the cute dispensers).

Retro Daisies: A daisy theme is perfect for a 1950s or 60s retro theme. Look on websites such as for some vintage Lucite daisies either loose or in the form of buttons, pendants or beads which you can add to your wedding favors with some polka dot ribbon.

Use paper or silk daisies to decorate votive holders or photograph frames. Check out your local craft store or online retailers for bulk purchase deals.

Retro Cocktails: Martini glasses add a touch of kitsch to a wedding and make great wedding favors when filled with chocolates or candy. Other options include candles in martini glasses, sachets of cocktail mixes placed inside a martini glass or martini glass shaped coasters, key rings or travel fobs!

Look out for champagne saucers which coordinate especially well with a 1950s theme. You could serve up your toasts in them at the reception or simply fill them with chocolates or candies.

Retro Couple: Do you recall the cute motif of the black and white couple? Why not add that motif to your wedding favors in the form of custom cookies or as a simple graphic on your favor boxes, labels, stickers and thank you tags. It will no doubt send your guests on a trip down memory lane!

More Retro Favors: Get creative with Elvis themed wedding favors like mini guitar shaped mint tins or boxes or burn your own Elvis CD!

How about bowling pins in the form of candles or chocolates include a mini chocolate bowling ball with the latter and let your guests have some fun before they eat them!

Finally, look out for chocolate jukeboxes or a chocolate 45 of rock around the clock!